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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Have I Not Updated My Blog?

It has been a long years since I last posted in my blog. I don't really know why have I not updated my blog that long. Perhaps no incentive, not encouraged by my own self or may be no interesting issues to be shared or may be just lazy and or many other excuses.

The theme of my blog was "World Around Us". By right there should be many things to write about. There are a lot of happenings happened almost every seconds in this wide world to talk about, be it on myself, my family, my neighbors, my state, my country, my, my oh my my my,and yet I said nothing to write. What a shame? Shame on me.

Until two days ago, I watched a TV program, an interview with the winner of the 12 MSC Asia-Pacific ICT (APICTA), the Prime Minister 2011 Award Category.I was inspired by his dedication and made me remember about my long lost blog.Out of curiosity I googled his name in the net and came to his blog apistakkisah.blogspot.com. I read some of his earliest entries and felt very inspired and at times I was touched by his dedication and persistent conveying his encounters, teaching mathematics in a primary school in an interior kampung at Sungai Siput. Through his blog, I congratulated him for his success, and unexpected he replied to my e-mail.

To those who are interested to know his experience teaching mathematics through a simple yet innovative ways, you may go to his English blog entitle Life Through My Eyes: A Teacher's Little Steps Towards Perfection which is now being turned into a book.You may also watch this

Mohamad Hafiz said ," There was no blog before this that can be made as an educational reference used as a learning source especially in the rural areas where the students are not exposed to the outside world." Interestingly, his blog has attracted the attention of teachers in countries such as United Kingdom (UK), Taiwan, Thailand,Germany etc., who considered his methodology is simple and beneficial to the education system.

Mohamad Hafiz, you have inspired me to continue writing in my long lost newly found blog. I hope I am able to consistent and persistently write in my blog, Insyallah. Bye for now! Salam.

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