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Sunday, May 27, 2012


First and foremost, I would like to welcome Hafiz and Eny for being the first two members to my blog. This is indeed a change. From no member to two members. I appreciate and very grateful to both of you for your support. This is in line with my post today, "CHANGES ARE ONLY CONSTANT".

Besides, last night I gave some face lifts to my blog, which is also a change. That includes the different fonts colors, shades, shapes, sizes and with a photo.I am experimenting and learning to add more features to my blog. Slowly but surely the presentation and features of my blog will improve with time. This definitely is a change.

Have a look at this photo and compare it with the photo above, with yours truly facing the ocean. Originally there were 12 Apolstles on the Great Ocean in Victoria between Melbourne and Adelaide. These are limestone rocks, standing strong, high and tall in the Great Ocean. What remained,  when I was there in November 2009, were only seven of these structures standing not so strong, neither high nor tall and were slowly eroding. 5 of the structures had collapsed.

What causes this? The strong wind, land and sea breezes, storm, high tidal waves and the weathering process (changes in temperature and rainfall) had caused the erosion and the collapsed of these structures. Thus changing not only the geographical landscape of the ocean but also the once beautiful scenery. I am very sure that the marine habitat around those structures and along the shore were changed, disturbed and destroyed completely.

What can be reflected here is that everything in this world have changed, is changing and will be changing in the future. Just a matter of time, be it sooner or later. The are many factors and causes of changes.Changes can be man made or natural changes.

Our lives, families, neighborhoods, environment, climates, surroundings, countries, leaders and many more have changed, are changing and will change in the future. Today we can be young,  vital and beautiful, strong, healthy, wealthy, powerful and safe, but tomorrow and years to come we will definitely grow old and weak, probably unhealthy, may be not wealthy and powerless.

What is important is that we should be ready to accept changes and we ourselves must be willing to change under whatever conditions and situations because CHANGES ARE THE ONLY CONSTANT.



Eny Yusnizar said...

Hi yours truly! what a nice article for me to read during my morning coffee session :)
Change means that what was before wasn't perfect. People want things to be better. So we change rite! :) Love the picture!

bakli said...

Assalam Eny,
Thank you for your comment. There are many reasons why changes take place. Obviously what you said is absolutely right. People want things to be better. Which picture you refer to? Not a good photographer like you. Hehehe.

Nabilah Anafi said...

I'm changing now. I'm growing into adulthood.

Kak rasa ayah kena kecikkan sikit la gambar header tu. Sebab besar sangat.