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Monday, May 28, 2012


Not many of my students turned up for tonight's class because of the school holidays. Some have gone outstation or "balik kampung", while some form five students are attending a 4-days program specifically on Additional Mathematics held at Sekolah Menengah Sains, Teluk Intan from Monday 28 until Thursday 31 May.

All in all, currently I have a mix of 14 students from standard 4 up till form 5. To be exact, eight form   5 (SPM) students, three form 4, one form 1, one standard 6 (UPSR) and one standard 4. Teaching has never been in my head and not my vocabulary. I just do not have the patience and easily loose my head especially when the simplest thing I have explained not being understood by whoever I am teaching. I am not a teacher nor have I ever been teaching, neither have I gone for a teacher's training. 

However in 2007, my son at that time was in form three, and he will be sitting for his PMR examination, with three of his classmates, requested me to give them tuition for all the subjects they were taking. You can just imagine, the difficulty I had, because I have left school more than 31 year then. What I did then was I bought books on all the subjects that they are taking and started to do my homework. I just could not digest some of the subjects and topics especially mathematics because they were completely different from what I have learnt during my school days, more than 31 years ago. Meanwhile some of my son's classmates' parents enrolled their children into the class. Finally for that year, I had 11 students, and all were males, although there were females who wanted to join the class. I kept the class exclusively male and my son's classmates only. I did not charge any fees for the class although some parents insisted which, I accepted at a token amount.

Initially I had problem with this group of students, because they were from the same class, very playful and did not pay attention to my teaching, including my son. He was the most difficult person to handle, simply because being the father-teacher he simply did not listen. That is why some people say, which I found some truth in it, it is better to send your own children to other teachers. I tried all sorts of techniques to gain their attention and I found that the PIE learning scheme I formulated worked in many ways.

PIE learning scheme is not giving them pie. PIE is an abbreviation for PARTICIPATIVE, INCENTIVISED AND EXPERIENTIAL learning scheme. As it is 3.36 am now, I will continue explaining how PIE learning scheme had bear fruitful outcome tomorrow. Insyallah.

Meanwhile listen to this beautiful rendition of Awan Nano (Flute Instrumental)



Eny Yusnizar said...

really interesting, I am eager to know about P.I.E!

bakli said...

I'll rite something about PIE tonight, Insyallah.